A few months back, Facebook warned of a man traveling door-to-door asking for help, then in turn robbing people accompanied by a photo a the alleged robber. Another warning is circulating, this time regarding a door-to-door scam.

Update: We were contacted by the Montrose Township Police in regards to the story listed below, and they said that this particular case was a misunderstanding and the saleswoman in question is legitimate. However, you should never let strangers into your home and if you have any concerns or suspicions, you should contact the police immediately.

Claiming she works for a college or university in Minnesota, this woman is supposedly trying to get into homes by pitching her "supposed" early learning program, and if that doesn't work she asks to use the restroom.

The warning indicates that Flint Township police detectives advise that you call 911 if you see this woman or her vehicle (described in the warning below.)   While we always try to warn our listeners of possible threats, we also do our best to confirm them.

I contacted Flint Township Police this morning and asked about the Facebook warning.  The woman I spoke with said that she was unable or unwilling to confirm it.  At the same time, she was unable to deny the legitimacy of the warning.  Either way, I feel it's definitely worth relaying to you.

Here is the warning as it is circulating on Facebook:

There's a possible scam artist going around the Flint area, so parents should read this. A woman claiming to be with the district's schools is going door to door trying to sell early learning children books. She also tries to find a way into people's homes. She's about 5'2", blonde, drives a green bonneville, and says she's from a college/university in Minnesota.

Example: Yesterday she acted like she was going to step inside when I first opened the door, but I stepped out so she could only talk to me on the porch. She told me she's with Carman-Ainsworth. Later in the convo she said she's not with the school or familiar with them. When I told her I didn't have the money for her program, she got up to leave, but wanted to use my bathroom. I told her where the nearest business was where she could use one.

Today, she tried this with an old friend of mine, but with more creepiness. After discussion on facebook, one of her friends said, "Flint Township police said shes a con call 911. Randels and our family both called 911 on her the other day. Detective who spoke with us and the school said call 911 immediately"

So if she approaches your door or you see her in your neighborhood, take a picture of her car and license plate and contact the police.
As I stated earlier, officials will not confirm or deny this warning, but I felt it was in the best interests of Flint-area residents to share this with you.  Stay safe!