Women Swear Behind The Wheel More Than Men [AUDIO]
According to a new survey by Direct Line car insurance, women are more likely than men to swear while driving.  In fact, that's why I insist on driving during family road trips. Nearly half of all women, 48%, admit to cursing behind the wheel while only 40% of men do. We've got the to…
Four Ways To Make Mondays Suck Less
If you're like most people, Monday is your least favorite day of the week. But according to 'Forbes' magazine, it doesn't have to be. Here are four ways to make your Mondays a little more tolerable.
Top 10 New Years Resolutions of 2012
A new survey from the University of Scranton reveals the top resolutions we made going into 2012. 45% of Americans usually make resolutions while 38% of us never do. Did your 2012 resolution make the Top 10?
Cadbury Launches New, ‘For Ladies Only’ Candy Bar
Matt Purdy, Getty Images
Ladies love chocolate, but it's a guilty pleasure and recent market research shows a 6.6% decline in chocolate sales in the last year. Feelings of guilt and concerns about weight gain may be two of the reasons for the slump in the market. Kraft, the parent company of Cad…
Make My Almost Famous Banana Bread [Recipe]
As the weather turns a little cooler, my thoughts turn towards cooking again. This is one of my very favorite recipes, and I always get rave reviews. This bread is moist and sweet, almost like cake! Good with or without butter, and the recipe makes two loaves.

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