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Layla Debuts 47 Years Ago [VIDEO]
One of rock and rolls great albums was released this month in 1970, Eric Clapton's "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs". The album is credited to a group called Derek & The Dominos
Happy 75th Birthday To Norman Greenbaum [VIDEO]
Here's a recording artist that falls into the one hit wonder category. Norman Greenbaum was born in Malden, Massachusetts November 20, 1942. It would be 27 years later that Norman would release the song Spirit In The Sky and the tune would make up to #3 on U...
Big Bucks Paid For Bob Dylan Guitar
You had to have a lot money to buy Bob Dylan's Martin D-28 guitar that he played in the early to the mid-1970's. The instrument was auctioned off this past Saturday for $396,500
Cha-ching! Billy Joel Is In The Money
According to Forbes, Billy Joel from June 2016 through June 2017 made $35 million. Billy's big bucks came from the purchase of concert tickets and selling a lot of tour associated merchandise.
The Native Howl [VIDEO]
The other night I got introduced to a music combo I'd never heard before Thrash Metal/Bluegrass. I met Mark Chandler who plays bass in the band The Native Howl and he told me about what they were doing. We're talking a mix of rock, folk, bluegrass, alternative, and experimental genres…
Grace Slick’s Birthday [VIDEO]
I missed a rock star birthday from yesterday and she's one of my favorites. Grace Barnett Wing was born on October 30,1939, in Chicago and she would eventually evolve into Grace Slick.

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