Starry, Starry Night [VIDEO]
The Perseid meteor shower peaked this morning but you still have a chance to see it. A good number of meteors should be visible through August 24 although you’ll see fewer after the peak. With the New Moon tomorrow morning, you’ll have a near moonless night tonight without moonlight to i…
Moon Photobombs Earth [VIDEO]
We’ve all been there. While NASA’S Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite was taking photographs of the Earth, the dark side of the moon put itself into the view of EPIC: DISCOVR’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera. The images showing the moon passing over the Pacific Ocean near…
Get Ready To Have Fun With Robots
This year's Robo-Con festival of bots is shaping up to be better than ever. Come out and see a Michigan State Police Bomb Squad robot. Get the rare opportunity to drive a full-size bot on the field and you can even challenge a robot.
Images Of Earth From NASA [VIDEO]
NASA satellites provide useful data about our planet every day of the year and along the way some beautiful images to view on Earth Day. The trip begins at the San Quintín Glacier in Chile and ends showing Aurora and Moonglow over Western Europe.

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