Go Here: Star Trek Museum in Vulcan, Alberta
Remember when we used to make fun of Canadians? We'd laugh and laugh about how silly it was to live in the tundra, and how they had funny accents and rode caribou and stuff. Then they got universal health care, and we all sort of shut up. Well, they also have a Star Trek Museum in a town called…
Truck Crashes Spilling a Load of Cows [VIDEO]
This video brings new meaning to the phrase 'ground beef.' Watch as a car travels down a road and an oncoming truck topples over, dumping it's entire load of cows. And don't cry over spilled milk, according to the video's description all of the cows and the truck driver su…
Go Here: Santa Claus, Indiana
As the Holidays get closer, decorations are popping up everywhere we look. In a little town in Indiana, though, it's Christmas all year long, and it's a little weird.

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