When you think of flooring options, what comes to mind? Carpet, tile, hardwood, maybe a nice laminate. United States currency probably wouldn't be top of mind, unless you are Mel Angst, and you wanted a creative and unique way to cover the floor boards of your new business. Follow the link after the jump.


Mel Angst, the owner of Artisan, a tattoo gallery and coffee shop in Pittsburg says it's actually cheaper to use pennies as floor covering than more conventional items like carpet or tile.  "Amazingly enough, it's a lot cheaper to glue money to your floor than to buy tile. It's about $3 a square foot," she said. Her labor came courtesy of Facebook and she traded that cost in tattoo work. The project was very time intensive, though. Angst says "People are just shocked that we did it because it took about 300 man hours, which was crazy."

What do you think? Cool floor, or waste of money?