I've been a huge Deep Purple fan since I was a kid, and list "Machine Head" as one of my favorite Purple albums - the number one "desert island" album, if you will.  I've kept up on all the line-up changes over the years and experienced the embarrassment of every new record they made as they sank farther into "you've gotta be kidding me" territory.  They've finally reached the point where it's not really Deep Purple anymore, with the signature Blackmore/Lord trade off licks in nearly every classic Purple song, long gone.  Gillan is still the singer, so I guess that could be their saving grace as far as live shows go.  The new recordings bring very little interest, but the classic hits are still in demand.  The folks at Eagle Rock Entertainment certainly think so!  The bands three late 60's albums finally got remastered and are available now with extra tracks.  Four additional titles will be out soon, all live albums from both the Mark II and III line-ups.  One in particular strikes my fancy, 'In Concert 1970/1972' which includes the 'Machine Head' tour!  I'll be adjusting my budget for that one, for sure.  Check out everything Eagle Rock has to offer, including DVDs.  Long live Purple!  Kind of.

Mark II line-up, circa 1971: