Fleetwood Mac expects to be active next year.  Drummer Mick Fleetwood tells Billboard.com the group "will be working" in 2012, but he admits he has no specific details on a proposed tour because they're "so disorganized as a band."

He explains that he'll "get a phone call" when it's time to begin rehearsals, which usually comes "in a blind panic" because they "leave everything" until the last minute.  However, Fleetwood says he and his band mates are "all up for touring in the early summer of next year."  He adds that they'll likely remain on the road indefinitely, and continue "until no one wants to book us anymore."  Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham confirms that a tour is possible but says they have "no time frame" for their plans.  He says they'll likely develop a schedule at the start of next year.