Twenty-five years ago today, Van Halen released 5150, their first album with then-new lead singer Sammy Hagar. Hagar spent 11 years in the band and told us about the experience.

“It was okay, it had its good moments but it also had some really horrible moments after shows and during the travel days and all that stuff. No question about it, I’m not going to sit here and lie to anybody, we weren’t getting along. I mean, [bassist] Mike [Anthony] and I get along great, [drummer] Al [Van Halen] and I get along pretty good but [guitarist] Ed [Van Halen] was just, he was just unreasonable trying to get along with that guy and it wasn’t much fun so for me it’s kind of over.”

So will Hagar ever be in the band again?

“I dunno. I just think we’re past it. Van Halen did it’s thing, we had the greatest run in history practically and if it were still beautiful, we’d still be together but it isn’t. Sometimes it’s just time. Marriages break up and bands break up.”

Sammy went on to talk about his tenure with the group.

“I’m so proud of what Van Halen did. I’m so proud of being part of Van Halen. I think Van Halen in our heyday, even in the Roth days, don’t ever get me wrong, I am pro-Roth, I respect everything Van Halen’s ever done and I’m so proud to have been the lead singer of Van Halen for 11 years and selling 42-million records. I am proud of all that and there is nothing I regret. Any of it. I don’t even regret the break up.”

You can read more about Hagar’s time in Van Halen in his new autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock, which is out now. Meanwhile, Van Halen are reportedly working on new music with singer David Lee Roth.