Paul McCartney's ex-wife is getting sued.  Hollywood hairdresser David Paul is accusing Heather Mills of using his services for three years without paying him.

He filed his lawsuit in a Los Angeles court this week, claiming he served as Mills' hair stylist from 2005 until 2008 while she pursued a career in Hollywood.  David Paul says during that time Mills told him she didn't have any money, but promised to pay him once her divorce from the former Beatle was finalized.  McCartney and Mills' divorce became official in March of 2008, with Heather receiving a settlement totalling 48-million-dollars.  But David Paul says he still hasn't seen any compensation for his work, and says Mills never responded to his 80-thousand-dollar invoice.

Paul receives as much as five-thousand-dollars for a haircut.  In addition to the money he says he is owed he's asking the judge to award him punitive damages and to order Mills cover his lawyer's expenses and court fees.