Everyone knows Santa relies on the magic of Christmas to deliver presents to every kid in the world in one night. But what if he didn't?

How big would Santa's organization need to be, to still get everything delivered on Christmas Eve? Representatives from FedEx and UPS actually crunched the numbers, and according to them, he'd need 12 million employees. Here's how it breaks down.

There are 760 million Christian children worldwide, and Santa has to hit them all in 24 hours, about 9,000 deliveries a second. That's about 760 million pounds of cargo, enough for 300 747's. He'd need 46 international distribution centers, with 400,000 elves just loading the sleigh, and another 832,000 in logistics, support, and HR.

He'd also need 40,000 elves to deal with customs regulations in all the different countries, 67,000 to secure flyover rights, and schedule and optimize his flight plan, and 100 meteorologists. That still leaves about 10 million elves getting presents to distribution centers, and doing "general assignment." All so each kid can get one present each, weighing a pound.