Jennifer Hawkins is an Australian model and former Miss Universe winner. In 2010, Jennifer appeared naked and unretouched on the cover of Marie Claire magazine (Australian version) to support the Butterfly Foundation and encourage positive attitudes towards body image. Jennifer is our crush today for showing that a woman can be hot even without Photoshop.

Now that we’ve commended Jennifer for her stance on body image, we’d like to ask the question “umm why not retouch?” Everyone could use a little Photoshop and touch-up magic. Especially guys. A little cropping of the gut, some erasing of needless ear hair and a little blurring of the crotch area to prevent those embarrassing genital slips during bathing suit season. Let’s all take advantage of the miracles of modern technology.

Jennifer has appeared in the Australian versions of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’ which proves there is no escaping crappy American television. Even all the way down under.