Statue Of Liberty
Michael Nagle, Getty Images

"I'm weird, uncommon, and socially unacceptable, so why can't my hair express that too?" says Ashton Stonesifer, a 17 year old student  at DeLand High School. The school principal is not a fan of the dramatic hairdo however. Get the whole story after the jump.


Ashton is in pursuit of a world record for the tallest mohawk. He wears his hair in a blond tipped, 17 inch Statue of Liberty mohawk, but that hairstyle got him sent home from school recently. The school principal, Mitch Moyer, claimed that the teen was sent home early because it is " the principal's responsibility to see that the dress appearance of any student shall not be extreme, to the point of creating a disturbance , or be hazardous to the student and /or others, or school property."

Ashton is wearing his hair down for now, but he's collecting signatures for a petition for the right to wear his hair up in a mohawk. "It's important to my son," says his mother, Rae. "It gives him his own individual personality."

Who's right in a situation like this? Should Ashton cut his hair, or should the school let Ashton, and his mohawk, be?