Dressing up for Halloween isn't just for the humans.  Pets are also getting into the act.  Nearly 60-percent of the respondents in a DogTime Media poll say they'll be putting Fido and Fluffy in a costume as well. Thirty-percent are making their pet's outfit themselves, and another 30-percent are spending less than ten-dollars on their animal's attire.  But 40-percent are dropping more than ten-dollars on their dog or cat's costume.  Pumpkin tops the list of the most popular pet costume.  Devil follows in second place, while Ladybug ranks third.  Ghost and Sheep round out the top five.  Other popular options include Witch, Court Jester, and Skeleton.  The majority of animals getting dressed for the holiday are dogs.  Among those who plan to include their pet in their Halloween plans, 68-percent are dog owners.