You might not know the name Jim Gordon, but you’ve probably heard his drum work. Jim was born today July 14, 1945. He would start playing the drums when he was a kid and at 17 years old was playing drums for The Everly Brothers. From that point in time he would eventually end being one on the top session drummers in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Working with George Harrison on “All Things Must Pass”, John Lennon’s “Imagine” album, Traffic, Steely Dan, Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa and many more. Plus, Jim Gordon co-wrote and played the drums on “Layla” with Eric Clapton.

The sad side of Jim Gordon’s life is that he was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia and is in a California prison for killing his mother in 1983.

Take a listen to Jim's drum track on George Harrison's "What is Life".