Ringo Starr has fulfilled a cancer survivor's longtime "wish."  "The Los Angeles Times" reports that Starr shared a stage in Hollywood with Virginia teenager Alexx Kipp late last week, as facilitated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Ringo gave Kipp, a former brain cancer patient, a set of new

drums at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The two drumming enthusiasts then jammed together for a crowd that included Kipp's mother, father, and sister.  Kipp's a longtime fan of "keeping the beat," and started playing drums along with Beatles albums at age eight.  Alexx's father Charles commented that his son had had a dream that he'd meet Ringo before the Make-A-Wish foundation ever confirmed the visit.

Regarding his Make-A-Wish experience, Starr said, quote, "It puts you in your place.  You think you've got a cold -- you're all, 'Oh, what about me?'  Then you help these kids.  You think of the families.  I've got children too, and it's got to be hard