While the Rolling Stones haven't said what -- if anything -- they're planning to do to mark the group's 50th anniversary next year, the band is starting to stir. Guitarist Keith Richards tells Rollingstone.com that he, drummerCharlie Watts, and guitarist Ron Wood will be meeting up this month at a studio in London.  Richards says they're "just going to play a little together, because we haven't played for three or four years."  He stresses that it isn't a rehearsal, and they won't be writing new material, but explains that they "just want to touch bases."  While Keith adds that frontman Mick Jagger is "welcome" and he'll likely "turn up," he says "right now we just want to get our chops down."

But Ron Wood wants the Stones to hit the stage next year in honor of their milestone anniversary.  He says he hopes the group "can perform live," adding that it'd be "great to see if that old spark is there."  Jagger and Richards formed the Rolling Stones with the late Brian Jones and bassist Dick Taylor in April 1962.  The group made their concert debut under the name "The Rollin' Stones" on July 12th of that year.  In addition to the four founding members, the band also featured keyboardist Ian Stewart and drummer Tony Champman.