When I turned 30 my grandmother decided that I needed to start collecting something. She said that a collection would make gift giving easier, so we decided on snow globes. They always held a lot of appeal for me, and so a collection was born. Who knew that these lovely collectables could start house fires?


Ken Gambel, a fellow snow globe collector, was on vacation last week in Oregon when he received the phone call that told him about the fire in his home in Wisconsin. Mr. Gambel had several snow globes in a windowsill of his livingroom. The sunshine caught the glass of the globes, and shot that light and heat straight to the back of a couch, which caught fire. Luckily, there were smoke detectors in the home that alerted the neighbors to call 911.

I have over 80 snow globes of different shapes and sizes, but I really think that they are way to dusty to start a fire! After reading this story, though, I will check the batteries in the smoke detectors!