Photo by Chris Monroe

If you are up for some post-apocalyptic fun in the twilight with a few hundred zombies, you need to be at the Holly State Recreation Area this Saturday, October 13 for this area's first ever Zombie Dash!


The Zombie Dash is a 5K run through the post-apocalyptic Holly State Recreation Area at sunset, complete with bonfires and a few hundred zombies. Registration will be open until Friday @ 4pm, and all of the information is here @


Townsquare zombies
photo by Kylie Gates

Special thanks to Ashtree, who did the zombie makeup that we are wearing in the photo, and who will be making up the Zombies that will be lunging after you so realistically on Saturday night! More information on her amazing talents can be found here.

Children are welcome, over the age of eight is recommended, and this event will be a fun night for all! Are you brave enough for The Zombie Dash?