Arkansas Man Sees His House Being Robbed From a Plane
Talk about being caught in the act.
Steven Lynn from Bay, Arkansas was on a private plane — his first plane ride ever — and asked the pilot to fly over his house so he could take some aerial photographs. But instead of generic shots of his home, he snapped something far more alarming: two…
Watch Lightning Strike a Plane [VIDEO]
Last weekend, an Emirates Airbus 380 was struck by a jagged bolt of lightning as it began its descent into London's Heathrow Airport. Luckily, none of the passengers aboard were harmed, and the plane made it safely to the ground.
Believe it or not, airplanes generally sustain a couple of lightning st…
Three-Inch Toy Gun Not Allowed on Airplane
Security at London’s Gatwick airport have deemed the three-inch rifle that came with a toy solider a “firearm” that is too dangerous to take on a flight.
Ken Lloyd, a Canadian, was flying home with a military figurine he had bought from a museum gift sho…