Drunk Driving ‘Down’ – ‘ONLY’ 451 Arrested
There were 451arrests for drunk driving in the state over a recent three-week (March 12th -April 7th)  impaired driver crackdown by local authorities. Of the 451, almost 20% were charged under the state's high blood alcohol content (BAC) law, with a BAC of .17 or higher! Believe it or not,…
Police Break Up Brawl At Ohio Concert
Police have released a video from a huge brawl from last Saturday night at the Firefest in Lakewood, Ohio. There were a number of people arrested and a few victims were treated for injuries. The brawl reportedly had about 50 participants.
‘Donut’ Runs Lead To Early Morning Arrests
Last Wednesday Lapeer police received more than a dozen calls from Deerfield Pines, a mobile home community next to the County Christian Church complaining that a truck was doing "doughnuts' in the church parking lot and driving through people's yards.