Memorial Day and The Universal Soldier [VIDEO]
Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor and remember the men and women of who gave their life for our freedom. The artist Donovan who's from Scotland recorded Universal Soldier in 1965, the song was written by Canadian Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Donovan Appears On American TV For The First Time
September 30,1965, Donovan made his US television debut on Shindig. I don’t remember seeing Donovan on Shindig but I did have the honor of meeting him backstage at The Royal Oak Music Theater in 1986. I was really struck by what a friendly and humble guy he was considering his rock icon status…
Donovan Flashback With Sunshine Superman
Looking out the studio window right now this song feels perfect. It’s Donovan with 'Sunshine Superman' which was the #1 song here in the U.S.A. this week in 1966. Future members of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are featured on the tune.
Three Donovan Classics To Be Reissued On Vinyl
Sundazed Music has always been known for their plundering of the vaults of rock and roll's past and coming up with unique and forgotten artifacts. In recent years, their focus has turned increasingly towards high-quality vinyl reissues featuring both obscure, and big sellers.
Hurdy Gurdy Psychedelia – Today’s Vinyl Vault
An old Donovan favorite gets the nod today, Hurdy Gurdy Man from later in his career, around 1968.  This psychedelic nugget is interesting in many ways, some, being a harder rock style than Donovan's usual peace love dove mellow yellow stuff, he wrote it for another band until he decided t…
Happy Birthday Donovan – He’s Still Around
The master of hippy dippy turned 65 this week and showing little signs of slowing down.  He's got a big show planned at the Royal Albert Hall in London on June 3rd where he'll play his Sunshine Superman album, plus other faves.  If you're a fan, keep up with him on-line...