Woman’s Butt Gets Fired Up by a Hot Rocket
When Kairee Goodin took a trip out to the Mojave Desert back in June 2010, to attend an amateur rocket festival, she expected it to be hot – but what she didn’t expect is a high powered rocket to leave her entire backside looking like something from the Elephant Man.
Never Let Your Live-In Stripper Drive Your Mustang
If you’re rich and your girlfriend happens to be a stripper, it stands to reason that you impressed her by throwing your money around. Moderation is important in all aspects of life, though, especially when it comes to letting stripper girlfriends get behind expensive cars they can&C…
North Korea Fails in Attempt to Launch Long-Range Missile
North Korea found itself front and center in the international community when it launched a long-range missile Friday morning, local time.
Despite the country’s reported efforts, officials in the US claim the launch failed because the rocket broke before leaving the Earth&CloseCurlyQu…

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