Holiday Depot Begins 20th Year In Lapeer County
Holiday Depot is accepting applications for Lapeer County low-income residents who need help for the holidays with food and gifts. All applications are taken in person only, and no applications will be accepted without a driver's license or ID, birth certificates for all children, and proof of …
An Ingenious Idea To Help Feed Stray Dogs
There are a number of stray dogs out there. Here is a great idea to help them!
In Turkey there is a company that created boxes where people can recycle bottles in exchange for food for dogs. It's a simple concept. People put their bottles to recycle in the box and are given a small supply of dog…
NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips for Servers
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and agonized over how much of a tip to leave? Well, an eatery in New York City has decided to save you the trouble by completely eliminating tips and paying staff salary plus benefits instead.

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