U.S. Airstrikes In Syria Begin
The beginning of President Obama's strategy against ISIS is underway as the U.S. began "intense" bombing in Syria early Tuesday. The United States sent bombers, fighters, and Tomahawk missiles into ISIS-dominated territory in the northern part of the country.
Joe Walsh Visits Wounded Troops – Pic of the Week
Although he may claim to be an ordinary average guy and an analog man in a digital world, the truth is that Joe Walsh has a heart of gold. The Eagles and James Gang guitarist recently took time out from his busy schedule to visit Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he sang, signed autographs and …
Should Women Be Allowed in Combat? — Survey of the Day
Last week, the Pentagon decided open up thousands of near-the-front-line military jobs to female military personnel who were previously restricted from such roles.
Women are still banned from combat, although this move to put them closer to harm’s way has upset some, including Republican presidential…
Returning Soldier Surprises Family at KFC [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of soldiers stationed overseas surprising their children stateside with early returns home.
And that’s how this video of Capt. Cherissa Jackson, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, begins, with mom surprising her …

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