This Tractor Is With The Band [Video]
Tractors are a part of the landscape around here. They work the fields, plant  crops, bale  hay and mow lawns. Don't forget about the tractor pulls that are a big fan favorite at every county fair. But have you ever seen a tractor used as a musical instrument? I mean a part of the …
Listen To Paris Hilton’s New Song
This morning, Rod and I mentioned that Paris Hilton has made 1.5 billion dollars from her line of fragrances. She also thinks that she can sing! Check out her new single after the jump. If you like it, call George. Maybe he will add it to the Cars108 playlist!
George Harrison’s Solo Album To Be Reissued
George Harrison's legendary solo album All Things Must Pass, one of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, will be remastered and reissued as a limited edition three-LP vinyl collection on November 26th. (That's one day before All Things Must Pass Has its 40 anniversary...