Man Rescues Three People While on Vacation
Like most tourists in Florida, Gus Hertz was probably just hoping for some relaxing time in the sun. Instead, the Virginia man became a hero after rescuing three people in two separate incidents over a two day period. Well, that puts us to shame. The most we ever managed on vacation is a mean case o…
Brave Teacher Rescues Toddler from Burning Car
As further proof that teachers don’t get paid nearly enough, a heroic elementary school teacher recently rescued a toddler from a SUV that had caught fire in the pickup lane at Cameron Ranch Elementary School in Carmichael, CA.
Heartwarming Puppy Rescue Right Here In Michigan [VIDEO]
Anyone that knows me knows that I love my dogs. I have seven wonderful "poops" at home. This story, from the Michigan Humane Society, is the best "feel good" that I've run across in a long time. Watch this video to appreciate how a lot of Detroiters came toge…