Ron Wood

Happy Birthday, Ron Wood [VIDEO]
Ron Wood was born sixty-eight years ago in Hillingdon, England. He launched his new book, ‘How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary,’ a little over a month ago at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. It’s a deluxe reproduction of his ‘lost’ 1965 diary documenting a pivo…
Mick Taylor to Join Ronnie Wood at Bluesfest
The Ronnie Wood Band's finale at BluesFest in London next month will include an appearance by Mick Taylor, who held down the guitar-player role in the Rolling Stone before Wood replaced him in 1975. Wood and group will pay tribute to the late Jimmy Reed during their Nov. 1 set at…
Ron Wood to Close London Bluesfest
The Ronnie Wood Band has been announced as the final performers at the 2013 BluesFest in London this fall. The Rolling Stones guitarist will pay tribute to the late bluesman Jimmy Reed on Nov. 1.
Rod Stewart and Ron Wood Ran from the Plaster Casters
Regardless of what one thinks of his sense of humor, it's undeniable that Howard Stern has an uncanny knack for getting his guests to open up about some of their most private details. On Monday (May 13), Rod Stewart talked about how close he and Ron Wood came to having casts made of their genit…

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