Seven Ponds Nature Center Dryden

Spring Bird Walk No. 1 At Seven Ponds
The first bird walk of the spring at Seven Ponds Nature Center this Wednesday (4/27) at 8 AM will take you along the trails in search of year-round resident birds and those which have already returned from the south. Watch and listen for sandhill cranes, ducks, swallows, eastern towhees, blackbirds …
Salamander Foray At Seven Ponds This Weekend
Head out to Seven Ponds Nature Center this Saturday (4/9) at 10 AM or Sunday (4/10) at 2 PM for a salamander day of discovery at Jonathan Woods. You'll be looking for examples of the six species that reside in the woods and learn about their natural history and conservation at the same time.
Early Insects At Seven Ponds
Even though there's a blanket of snow on the ground and the official arrival of spring is several days away, some insects are beginning to stir. See which creepy crawlies are out and about at Seven Ponds Nature Center tomorrow (3/6) at 2 PM.
Bats Of The World At Seven Ponds This Weekend
Learn to identify the unique features of bats around the world such as echolocation, flight and feeding habits in Bats of the World at Seven Ponds Nature Center this Sunday (1/31) at 2 PM with the Organization For Bat Conservation.
WinterFest At Seven Ponds Nature Center
Seven Ponds annual winter fun day happens on Saturday, January 30, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Included is a bonfire on the ice, ice cutting, mammal tracking, snowshoe walks, cross country skiing, and ice skating. Inside will be children’s crafts and bring a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pillowcase to decor…
Lapeer County Christmas Bird Count at Seven Ponds
If you’d like to help count birds at Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden and Jonathan Woods in the annual Christmas Bird Count, call 810-796-3200 and head out to the center on Sunday, December 20 (12/20). Join the staff for the entire day or just half a day.
Holiday Auction At Seven Ponds
Members and their guests are invited to the 24th Annual Holiday Auction and Christmas Party this Saturday (12/5) at Seven Ponds Nature Center at 6:30 PM. It's not only a great way for members, volunteers and staff to get together to celebrate another successful year but it’s also an impor…
Natural Ornaments & Giving Thanks To Nature
Create at least 10 different ornaments for your Christmas tree using all natural materials this Saturday (11/21) at Seven Ponds Nature Center. ‘Natural Ornament Workshop’ is for ages 12 and up only and the fee is $10 (members $7). Call (810) 796-3200 to pre-register. On Sunday (11/22) you’re invited…
Skeleton Trees, Daring Deer, Screeching & Hooting Owls
Get out and enjoy nature with your child by registering for Knee-High Naturalist Classes at Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden. ‘Skeleton Trees’ this month, ‘Daring Deer’ next month and ‘Screeching & Hooting Owls’ in January include walks, crafts, games, …
Spiders, Bats & A Two-Headed Snake
With Halloween right around the corner you won’t want to miss exploring long-leggedy beasties and some of Seven Ponds Nature Center’s more unusual specimens tomorrow (10/25) at 2 PM. The crisp, cool air and vivid colors of autumn make this one of the most beautiful seasons to visit Seven…

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