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Desert Trip Concert Rocked [VIDEO]
The first weekend of the music festival Desert Trip in Indio,California is in the history book. Check out some snap shots of the artists that hit the stage.
The Rolling Stones.
The Who.
Paul McCartney and Neil Young.
Roger Waters...
The Who Explode On TV [Video]
On this day in 1967, The Who recorded a wild and crazy music set for the The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show. Evidently Keith Moon didn't know that the studio production crew had already set a charge under his riser, he set up another flash explosion in his drum kit...
Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey [VIDEO]
Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Who will be making a wish today and blowing out 72 candles on his birthday cake. The Who just kicked off their tour this past weekend in Detroit and will perform tonight in Toronto. Look for Roger and the band this Friday night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon…

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