Tamara Ecclestone is an English-Croatian socialite, television personality and model. She is the daughter of former Armani model Slavica Ecclestone and Formula 1 racer Bernie Ecclestone. Tamara is the heir to her old man’s $2.5 billion fortune which makes her gorgeous, rich and makes her unattainable for 98% of the male population on Earth.

Tamara is also the proud owner of an incredibly extensive shoe collection. Her collection has taken up her spare bedroom and boasts ” 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, 15 pairs of Ugg boots, 20 pairs or tennis shoes and plenty of Ginas and Jimmy Choos.” Are those other race car drivers? Wait, we recognize Ugg boots. Tom Brady wears that brand of  women’s shoes. What’s a Jimmy Choo? Sounds like a dance in a rap video that involves Flo Rida.

The lucky guy that snags Tamara is not only financially set for life, but never has to buy another gift for her again. What does a man get for the woman that has everything? Maybe he can teach her how to ‘Jimmy Choo.’ It involves a lot of leg bending.


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