We’ve been receiving a ton of questions asking, ‘What exactly is Mud Factor?’ Is it a race or just for fun? Why is it called ‘hardcore’? Let us help you out and answer a few of these intriguing questions.

Mud Factor is coming to Mid-Michigan on June 30th at Baja Acres in Millington and many people have no clue what a ‘mud factor’ is. Mud Factor is a fun ‘Hard Core. 5k. Obstacle Run.;’ don’t let the term ‘hardcore’ scare you off — the competition isn’t ‘hardcore’ the obstacles are what make it ‘hardcore.’

Yes, the guys at Mud Factor will be providing you with a ‘time chip’ to track your time, that is just for you to see your accomplishment, as well as competing among friends if you wish.

The accomplishment here … to just finish the obstacle course, you will receive a medal just for finishing.

The obstacle course will be full of rope climbs, mud pits, steep inclines and more — if you’re not in shape, take your time, there will be a ton of walkers to join. Just remember your own limitations!

If you want more information, to register or to just glimpse at a few of their videos, visit Mud Factor’s website.