The frigid temperatures, record setting snow, and ice storms this winter have turned into a huge drain on the county budgets. We're still two months out from the start of Spring and the finish of winter, and that means lots of opportunity for road and maintenance expenses to build up.The Lapeer County Road Commission payrolls for the past three pay periods have been the largest in 28 years. Deep snow, winter road maintenance, equipment issues, and plow hitches needing replacement because of the deep drifts add to the payroll woes.

It's expensive to keep the roads clear and in good shape. The Lapeer County Road Commission has done an excellent job, but not without putting a real dent in it's budget.

The Department of Public Works is running low on salt, replacing some of it with sand, and the cities water and streets department have been dealing with multiple water main breaks due the freezing temperatures.The winter weather has really taken its toll.