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Halloween is fast approaching. Besides figuring out exactly how much candy you'll need for the trick-or-treaters this year, another burning question remains: how will you dress for those adult parties and festivities? While you can always go with the tried-and-true — zombies, vampires, and superheroes — may we suggest something a little more timely? We took a look at the most popular topical costumes being sold by retailers, and added in a few of our own ideas for homemade get-ups as well. It's safe to say you'll be seeing plenty of these outfits come All Hallow's Eve.


Steve Jobs



This one's kind of a no-brainer. With the recent passing of the Apple co-founder and visionary, you can probably expect to see lots of people paying homage by wearing Jobs' standard uniform of jeans, round glasses, and a black mock turtleneck (his favorite was made by St. Croix, but if you don't want to spend $175, this one from Amazon will do). Include an iPhone or iPad for added authenticity, and if you really want to take it to the next level, wear Jobs' favorite shoes — a pair of New Balance 991s. But if you're going to be around any technology geeks, go easy on the death jokes — lest you find yourself friendless on November 1.


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Charlie Sheen



We think this one's a mite played-out, but costumer says masks of the former 'Two and a Half Men' star are selling like crazy. The store also offers replicas of the bowling shirts Sheen wore on the show, as well as crazy wigs, fedoras and Team Sheen cigarettes (fake, of course). Say “winning!” a lot and bring along a couple scantily-clad blondes as your goddesses — and you're set.


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Angry Birds



If you're among the millions of fans of the popular game, better move fast. Stores like Party City still have costumes of the most well-known characters — the red bird, the yellow bird and the dastardly green pig — but many other retailers are already sold out. Keep in mind that if you dress as the pig, people may spend the evening ramming into you in an effort to knock you down. But just for fun, carry a big golden egg anyway.


Frazer Harrison, Getty Images / Party City


The Royal Wedding



Just a few months ago the whole world had Royal Wedding fever, so a trendy costume for couples this year will likely be Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton. Retailer has low-cost duplicates of the attire the pair wore when they said “I do.” Bonus points if you know someone willing to go as Queen Elizabeth. Otherwise, you can always just bring some friends in weird hats.


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The Smurfs



The 1980s icons reappeared in a movie that was a big hit this summer, so many stores predict the blue characters will also be popular with Halloween revelers. has masks and full-body costumes of a regular Smurf, a Papa Smurf and, of course, a Smurfette. Perfect for kids, creepy for adults.


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Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone



After Lady Gaga's male alter-ego, Jo Calderone, made a controversial and splashy appearance at the MTV VMAs, we're guessing more than one Little Monster got the idea to masquerade as the greaser on October 31. It's one of the simpler costumes — throw on a black men's blazer and add a white t-shirt, pompadour wig and a cigarette (real or faux). Oh, and don't forget the surly attitude and “New Yawk” accent straight out of an Andrew Dice Clay comedy routine.


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'Pan Am' Stewardess



'Pan Am' is one of the fall TV season's biggest hits, and the retro chic stewardess uniforms are the classy costume choice of the year. And the best part? You can recycle the blouse and skirt from your 'Mad Men' costume from years past. Just grab a mod flight attendant costume, a stylish Pan Am bag, and a jaunty pillbox hat, and you'll be ready to serve coffee amid the turbulent social climate of the early 1960s.


ABC / Amazon / Pan Am


Honey Badger



Crazy, nasty-a$ viral video sensation the Honey Badger is the go-to animal costume of choice this year. Just grab a Pepe Le Pew skunk costume, add some sharp vampire teeth and you're all set.


Alacademics / Amazon


Chuck Testa



Is this your average hunter outfit? Nope. It's just viral video sensation Chuck Testa. Create this costume with a white goatee, a green Army hat and a stuffed deer. When people ask if the stuffed deer is real, pop up behind them and say, “Nope. It's just Chuck Testa.”


YouTube / BuyCostumes / Sunland Home Decor / The Che Store


Michele Bachmann



In 2008, you went as Palin. Last year, Christine O'Donnell. This year, recycle your power suit and brown wig for 2011's polarizing political figure. Add copious mascara for those crazy banana eyes and a corn dog for extra effect.


Newsweek / Macy's / Maybelline

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