Well, it wouldn't be summer in Michigan if we didn't have road work happening all over the state. Trust me, I'm not complaining, it's much-needed road work.

I would probably be complaining a bit if my commute to work involved me driving on I-69 because it's going to be a real mess this summer with a dozen ramp closures.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, their contractor on the reconstruction project from Fenton Road to Dort Highway started switching over traffic on Interstate 69 yesterday (June 6), to have both east and west travelers on the eastbound section of the interstate. Yes, it's going to be a real big headache for those forced to travel on I-69.

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While the westbound lanes and ramps will be the focus this year, 2022 will be all about construction on the eastbound lanes. So you might as well get used to backups on I-69 cause they're going to be around for a while.

The following ramps are now closed and will be throughout the summer

  • WB I-69 to NB I-475.
  • WB I-69 to SB I-475.
  • NB I-475 to WB I-69.
  • NB I-475 to EB I-69.
  • SB I-475 to EB I-69.
  • SB I-475 to WB I-69.
  • SB M-54 to WB I-69.
  • NB M-54 to WB I-69.
  • SB M-54 to EB I-69.
  • WB I-69 to Saginaw Street.
  • 9th Street to EB I-69.
  • 8th Street to WB I-69.

That right there is a lot of construction and that's only a specific area of Flint. You're going to see a lot of road work not only in Flint but across the state this summer.


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