A 19-year-old Michigan man recently scored one million dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket.

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The winner who chose to remain anonymous, purchased the Millionaire Maker ticket at Lowry Grocery Store in Adrian. He opted for a one time payment of $634,000. Not too shabby at all. Hell, I was happy when I won $200 on a scratch off before, I can't imagine winning one million! The lucky guy had this to say about winning,

'I scratched the ticket in the store and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I must have called my mom 90 times before I got through to her and then she wouldn’t believe me. My family thought I was joking until they saw the ticket for themselves!'

I feel like my family would not believe me either. I joke about a lot of things, but trust me, winning the lottery would not be one of them. Like you, I would make an excellent rich person. I would not quit my job if I won a million dollars, but think about winning $200 million dollars. Can you imagine knowing you never had to worry about money again? What a feeling that must be.

I have heard horror stories of people winning the lottery, than going broke. How is that possible? I am sure people come out of the woodwork to ask for a handout. Trust me, I would have no problem saying no to people.

Do you play the lottery? If so, what is the most you have ever won? If you did win big - would you remain anonymous? I would not, I would be all over the news, with a drink in my hand, screaming my head off. Here is to hoping that happens very soon. Cheers!

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