Cell phones are as much a part of our lives today as air, complaining about politicians and the Kardashians, so it's hard to believe there was a time when people didn't think they needed them.

In this video from 1999 (make sure to have the closed captioning on because it's in Dutch), people are asked if they need a cell phone. Their answers are pure gold because no one seems to realize the potential that can be unlocked by having them.

Responses like "If I get stuck somewhere there'll always be a telephone booth or a farmer with a phone," "I have an answering machine, so you can always reach me at home," "I don't like the idea of being available at all times," "I have a pager for very urgent problems" and "If people want to reach me they can write a letter" are no different than logic proferred by skeptics who said the car wouldn't catch on because people had bikes, TV would fail because radio already existed and Netflix would fold because of Blockbuster.

There is one person in the clip who appears to have been onto something, though -- the woman says "I know I'd lose it. I'll drop it." Misplacing cell phones happens more often than ignoring dinner conversation to check your Facebook page. Maybe that'll change in time, too.

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