Most people can judge where they are on their trip with these landmarks in Michigan.

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Summertime is the best time in Michigan. When the weather gets nicer, Michiganders load up the vehicles and head north for the weekend for some fun. With I-75 being one of the main ways to go up north, travelers all have particular landmarks they look for to know where they are on their trip.

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In classic Michigan fashion, we use our hands and durations of time to give directions and judge distance. Michiganders know that when a certain landmark is reached, you are only so many minutes away and are in the home stretch of the journey. I-75 is filled with these landmarks throughout the Mitten. Not only do these landmarks serve as reference points, but many of them also represent traditional places to stop, get gas, eat, and relax for a few minutes during the trip.

After reaching out to friends on Facebook about their landmarks and travel habits, I noticed that many people reference the same points along the way. Some of them are obvious like the Jesus sign at Dixie Highway and the 45th Parallel in Gaylord, while others are a bit more "obscure."

Take a look at the list below to see which of these landmarks you remember seeing in your travels along I-75. I'd be willing to bet that most Michiganders will recognize a majority of them. Also, yes, I know there are a lot more but we would be here all day if I listed them all.

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