Once again I'm left to wait for flying cars and jet packs as science and technology move in another direction.  We've got iPhones right?  That should be enough.  I'd like to think we can do better in many other areas and now we may be seeing some of that come true.

According to an article on fox17online.com, 7-Eleven has opened a cashier-less store at its corporate headquarters in Texas as a test before launching to the rest of us.  Right now the store is for 7-Eleven employees only who use an app to sign up, check in at the store, enter the store, shop and exit. The 700-square-foot store carries 7-Eleven's most popular products, including drinks, snacks, food, groceries, over-the-counter drugs and non-food items.  My first thought is these are company employees doing the shopping.  What happens when "real people" are a part of the equation.  There's no chance something could go wrong.

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