Carol O'Donald and her husband, John, of Lapeer hit the jackpot last Monday night! Cashing in for $7.800!The Lapeer Elks sponsor the "Ace of Hearts Jackpot Game". Her ticket was the lucky one drawn, and her luck improved when the card chosen was sought-after, Ace of Hearts. The Lapeer Elks were thrilled to see the money go to a lucky winner, and to have 30% of the winnings go back to the Elk Lodge. They added about $3,000 to the lodge coffers.

The "Ace of Hearts" game has helped the lodge raise thousands of dollars that allows them to do more in the community.The tickets are sold at the Elk's Lodge and at Louie's Sports Tavern. Each Monday one ticket is drawn and the ticket holder draws on card from a deck of cards. If it is the Ace of Hearts, the winner gets 70% of the total ticket sales!

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