Got a note from Lapeer's Adoptable Animals that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. The ASPCA say's If you’ve been thinking about adding a four-legged-friend to your family, consider opening your home and your heart to an older dog or cat in need.
While small kittens and puppies may be adorable, older pets are just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts. Not to mention, adopting a senior animal companion comes with some cool advantages: Grown-up pets don’t require the constant monitoring and training that puppies and kittens do, and many are already house-trained. Also, since senior pets are fully grown, you’ll be immediately aware of important information like personality type and grooming requirements, making it easier to choose the perfect pet for your family.
It is a sad fact that senior pets are often the last to be adopted from shelters, putting them at an increased risk for euthanasia. When you adopt a senior pet, you’re not only welcoming a lifetime of love into your home, you’re also saving a precious life.



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