‘Victoria’s Secret’ model Adriana Lima is a hot chick and Motley Crue is a ‘gets-all-the-hot-chicks’ type of hard rock band. What a match, right? These two bastions of dude culture collide in a 2012 Kia Optima commercial (thanks Loudwire) and our heads were about to blow upon watching it.

This Super Bowl spot is a red-blooded, blue collar man’s wet dream….actually, it’s not a wet dream, but a dream nonetheless. In the commercial, an ordinary couple is stacking Zs, is visited by the dream fairy (we could do with a little less of  him, his creepy blue PJ and porno ‘stache) and we ultimately go inside their skulls and see their dreams.

She’s riding a white steed, blah blah blah. Booooring.

It’s his dream that’s exciting. As the Crue jams out their hit ‘Kickstart My Heart,’ Lima waves a checkered racing flag. The dude then appears as a race car driver, behind the wheel of a 2012 white Kia Optima. Who knew those things could push past 65 mph? Relax, it’s a dream so it’s okay to believe it has thrust like a Mustang.

He cruises in his sweet set of wheels, catches Lima’s eye as well as the eyes of the hundreds of hard-bodied, bikini-clad honies who are cheering him on in the stands. He’s the man!

The Crue, a boxer and a bull rider all give him the thumbs up, intimating that he’s as cool, macho and as masculine as they are.

All that, because he drives an economical and sporty Kia Optima? Makes you want to take out a loan on one of those puppies, doesn’t it?

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