The wedding of your child is one of life’s most important events. For the most part, couples want to have their parents at their wedding. And, for the most part, parents make their best effort to be there. Schedules are cleared and plans are made.

But what happens if one of the parents suddenly falls ill and is not able to witness the occasion or be in any of the photos? This is exactly what happened to newlyweds Brian and Laura Shoop.

Brian’s dad was diagnosed with a serious illness and was hospitalized, so he could not attend their wedding celebration. Fortunately, he’ll still be a part of the day after Brian’s sister edited him into the wedding photos.

Check out the heartwarming and creative photos below.

Dad plays along to groomsman's speech

Here’s dear old Dad playing the ‘Rock Band’ drums to underscore a groomsman’s speech.

Dad poses with bridesmaids

Dad does like to spend some time with the ladies. And hats.

Dad enjoys the reception

He always sets the party mood, and the reception was no different. And there’s another one of his famous hats.

Dad chilling in the pool

Some parents get stressed out at weddings, but not Dad. He was very chill the whole time, especially in his hat.

Dad and his catch

Here’s a good one of Dad testing the limits of the “and guest” on the invitation. And is that another hat? (Also, we’re not 100% sure that this one isn’t Chuck Testa.)

Dad and his crown

Nobody minded that Dad wanted to wear his crown on such a momentous occasion, but someone should have told him that it’s not polite to look better than the groom.

Dad takes aim at the couple

Somehow Dad managed to sneak his rice shooter into the church, but the happy couple didn’t care.

[via reddit]

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