During the pandemic, people had to find creative ways to stay afloat financially and it was a time of creation and self awareness for many. Alyssa from Rochester Hills is one of those people, who started a hobby during Covid-19 and  turned it into a small business. Outside of the hobby she has a full-time job and a mom of two boys. Her creations are called car freshies (air fresheners). Now she's hoping her hobby can start making a big impact statewide and she hopes to grow it.

The Car Freshies are made with premium aroma beads and top quality fragrance oil and she has many fragrances available. From fruity smells, floral, manly and the recently added FALL SCENTS. Each season brings new fragrances to choose from. They last roughly between 4 and 6 weeks. You hang them in your car and your home and they're great for small spaces. She also does custom orders as well. Her Facebook group for her company, Little Big Creations, is always open for more members to place orders with her online.

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Here are some of the creations she's come up with and that have been requested of her.

Michigan Made Custom Air Fresheners (Car Freshies)

Alyssa Ann is a mother of two in Rochester Hills, MI and over the pandemic turned her hobby into a full on side hustle. She's hoping her custom orders will make this her new career. Here is what she's made so far...

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