If you're looking for the most realistic laser tag combat experience...you found it.

Located in Rochester Hills, Mi-Combat Tactical Laser Tag offers ultra-realistic combat experience missions while fighting on a realistic Hollywood set based on the streets of Detroit. According to their website,  you won't have to deal with black lights, cheesy plastic guns, or small crowded rooms. They also offer authentic weapons and stats tracking. Their authentic weapons are sick as hell.

I'll be honest, I've never had a good time playing laser tag as it's usually geared towards little kids. Not to mention, it's always in some tiny room that's the size of a closet and with laser tag gear that never works. I have a feeling my opinion will change when I try Mi-Combat Tactical Laser Tag.

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This place sounds like Call of Duty on steroids with an incredible sound system, lighting and realism. For example, while playing you'll hear dogs barking, a search helicopter overhead, and explosions that rattle your teeth. Come on, tell me this doesn't sound super cool?

They have realistic weapons that players will use in their 12,000 square foot arena that includes buildings with two levels. Players can also play through multiple missions, including Team Death Match, Domination, and Black Hawk Down.

If that doesn't get you pumped, their promo video below surely will.

Where is Mi-Combat Tactical Laser Tag Located?

Mi-Combat Tactical Laser Tag is located at 2636 S Adams Rd in Rochester Hills.

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