Alec Baldwin visited Flint on Wednesday, February 20th to participate in a segment for an upcoming documentary about the Flint Water Crisis.

If you thought you spotted old Jack Donaghy roaming around the Flint area at some point today -- you were probably right. He was here. A few people have posted pics online of their own Alec Baldwin sighting, like the one below.

I can actually confirm that this isn't just a look-a-like, as I briefly, and unexpectedly, met him about an hour before writing this. One second I was staring down at my phone, waiting to possibly shoot some video footage for an article, and the next thing I know,  Alec Baldwin walked into the room, extended his hand, and said, "Hi, I'm Alec." Talk about a "wait, what's going on right now?" moment.

Anyway, we were there with Dr. Marc Edwards, who played a pivotal role in uncovering the Flint water crisis. After his on-air interview with WFNT earlier today, we met him at a Flint residence where he was set to do an interview for a water crisis doc. The people behind the documentary were at the station earlier this week shooting some footage, but when they showed up today Alec Baldwin was along for the ride.

Apparently, Baldwin will be involved with the as-of-yet untitled documentary in some capacity, which is why he was there at that moment. We didn't end up shooting any footage, and it didn't seem like the right circumstance to ask for a pic, but I still got to meet the dude who coined the phrase "coffee is for closers," so it wasn't a total loss. He seemed pretty cool.

Baldwin also reportedly met with Mayor Karen Weaver, Congressman Dan Kildee, and some families affected by the water crisis while in town.

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