Alice Cooper's had a fair share of experiences with drugs, but his worst one had him thinking everyone he was with was dead. The shock rocker detailed the strange encounter — as well as his very first joint — during a chat on the SDR Show.

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Not many people can say that their very first time smoking weed was with Jimi Hendrix, but Cooper can. He and his band went to the see the Jimi Hendrix Experience perform one night, which ended up being his first time using a drug.

“We were just a little high school band, but they said, 'Hey, come on up to the hotel room.' And we were sitting on his bed, and Jimi goes, 'Here, man’ [hands joint], and I went, 'Okay,'" he remembered.

Hendrix then inserted a quarter into the vibrating bed that they were sitting on in the hotel room. "There's like eight people sitting on the bed. And he goes, ‘We're on a spaceship!’ And I went, ‘Okay,'" Cooper laughed.

However, he has other stories that aren't as pleasant. His worst experience with drugs was incredibly strange.

"It was Detroit, and I think it was crystal THC. Honestly it was like four in the morning... I kind of regained consciousness, and there were bodies everywhere," he remembered. "I thought it was like Kool-Aid — the Jim Jones thing."

The rocker went outside in subzero temperatures in nothing but a shirt in order to wake himself up more. "And when I came back in, everybody was just kind of coming up. It was weird. It was like a [Federico] Fellini thing. It was so strange that I really did believe that everybody was dead and that I was the only one that survived it.”

Watch the full chat below.

Alice Cooper - The SDR Show

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