With the deadline to "opt in" fast approaching, the Almont Village Council voted 4-3 to consider allowing one or more types of facilities authorized under Michigan's Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act within the village limits. Opting in provides the village with the opportunity to license and regulate marijuana growers, processors, dispensaries, testing facilities and transporters should it wish to in the future. Municipalities and townships that voted to "opt out" or not participate will not have that opportunity.
"Some communities accept medical marijuana use for compassionate reasons, and believe that the new Facilities Licensing Act will better facilitate the spirit and actual practice of the patient-caregiver relationship authorized by the statewide initiative that created the Medical Marijuana Act in 2008" according to the Michigan Townships Association. "Other communities may be responding to a real demand or broad support locally for providing medical marijuana facilities and business opportunities. And, it may be a revenue source."

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