Almost Famous, the film about an aspiring teenage music journalist who goes on tour with a rising rock band, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020, and the soundtrack is being released as a massive box set to commemorate its legacy.

The soundtrack, which features tracks from legendary rockers such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Fleetwood Mac and more, will be available in various formats. It'll also feature the music scored by Heart's Nancy Wilson, as well as the original songs by the band Stillwater — who are the focus of the movie along with 15-year-old writer William Miller.

In the film, Miller meets Stillwater while on assignment at a Black Sabbath concert for Creem Magazine's Lester Bangs. After schmoozing the band members, particularly vocalist Jeff Bebe and guitarist Russell Hammond, Miller is invited to travel with the band while they embark on a tour across the U.S. and try to make a name for themselves.

There was a strong lineup of musicians behind the soundtrack as well. Hammond's guitar parts were actually played by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, and the rhythm guitar sections were played by Wilson, who was married to director Cameron Crowe at the time. The couple wrote Stillwater's fictional smash hit "Fever Dog," and Peter Frampton co-wrote some of the songs for the movie with Wilson as well.

The box set is comprised of 102 songs, and it comes in several editions ranging from deluxe LPs and CDs to a super deluxe version, which comes with souvenirs from the movie, such as posters of Stillwater, replica tickets and backstage passes, Miller's notebook, a Rolling Stone cover with Stillwater on the front and more.

The soundtrack is available now on streaming services, and you can listen below. See all of the physical configurations here — some are out now, while the larger box sets won't ship until mid-August.

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