Although Michiganders have voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana, there still seems to be some confusion of the whole issue.  In November, Flint residents voted to decriminalize the use of marijuana for recreation, and there is confusion surrounding that as well.  So just exactly where do we stand with all of this?

As far as smoking grass for personal recreation goes, 57% of voters said yes to decriminalize pot use for those age 19 or older when in possession of less than one ounce.  However, marijuana is still illegal under state and federal law.

Flint police chief Alvern Lock to M-Live, "We’re still police officers and we’re still empowered to enforce the laws of the state of Michigan and the United States. We’re still going to enforce the laws as we’ve been enforcing them."  Cities like Ypsilanti have made marijuana the lowest of all priorities.  So where does that leave Flint?  Right where we started.

As far as medical marijuana dispensaries, they could soon be staring at closed doors.  The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries can be considered a "nuisance" and closed by local police.  Based on the court ruling, the sale of medical marijuana is prohibited, except to a patient by a caregiver.

That being said, word came down early this week that Flint's legal department will be sending letters to all known dispensaries operating in the city to inform them that police will be enforcing the law.

Is it just me, or shouldn't Flint police be more focused on, oh I don't know... Murder, public safety, hard drugs or arson?

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